Jolin Wu


Jolin studied at both Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art. Her work is highly conceptualised with precision tailoring. This is no ordinary designer!




We caught up with Jolin over the summer of 2017 just before the release of her SS18 collection. Here is a brief insight into her creative process.


SSAW: Hi Jolin, it's great to speak with you.

Jolin Wu: My pleasure. I am really excited to be taking part in SSAW market.


SSAW: Let's start with an important question. What is the inspiration behind your SS18 collection?

Jolin Wu: My SS18 is inspired by Alexander Calder, especially his wood collection. I am also very inspired by images of Palm Springs. But that's as far as I can tell you right now. 

SSAW: That's great. We understand your need for some level of secrecy before the collection is launched.


SSAW: How do you approach the creative process?

Jolin Wu: I started preparing for SS18 a year ago. My concept usually comes from traveling and books. I carry my inspiration book with me 24 hours and always write down ideas as they come to me. The process is like giving birth :) I need time to "be" with my ideas and develop a relationship with them. The magic happen when time is right!


SSAW: What do you see as being unique about the way you work and what is your personal philosophy towards design and product development?

Jolin Wu: I don't think it's unique, but I do care about every detail, and I want people to enjoy and be comfortable. I'm a garment maker and I am very focused and care about all of the steps in the process, from the inspiration to design to pattern and sewing. I think it's very important how people feel when they wear my collection and how they are touched by each small detail.


SSAW: How important is good photography to your collections and how do you come up with the styling of the images?

Jolin Wu: I'm an extremely visual person and I always create from my life, the way I see from art, nature, book etc... sometimes the styling and the images come from the initial part of design process.... like for SS18, I have strong feeling about the photos and the styling. I want to have much color with say a shirt and tailored jacket in front of a vintage pink wall... something like that. The idea just came from a day I walking in the park while I was traveling to Tokyo, and I saw a beautiful pink flower in the middle of the green foliage. Sometimes ideas just come without notice. I have started preparing for my AW18 collection and was inspired by a very cool vintage picture of a school boy.


Jolin Wu: My designs come from art, life and books. I am very sensitive about those things and always create the story for each one of my collections, using my skills as a garment maker to tell the story. Hopefully I can convey to other people how I feel and being some excitement!

SSAW: Jolin, thank you so much for this insight into how you work. We are really looking forward to seeing your SS18 collection, which will be available for pre-order through