Our platform challenges many of the traditional methods of marketing fashion and is the way small and medium size brands must evolve to remain competitive.



For centuries fashion has been cyclical for very good practical reasons. The two seasons a year reflecting the climate and the clothes and accessories that consumers want to buy, with the buying window opening 12 months before delivery and manufacturing commencing six months before delivery. So Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter, SSAW, is a tried and tested formula for ensuring retailers have the products they need to stock and sell, while avoiding over-production by manufacturers.



SSAW is on a mission to revolutionise the way fashion is sold business-to-business (B2B). Our goal is to remove many of the costs and inefficiencies which are endemic in the traditional processes used to buy and sell wholesale fashion: and to make these processes more convenient by harnessing the distributive power of the internet to add reach and value.



Core to this is our online showroom, where wholesale buyers who we have accredited can log-in to see our curated collection of exciting fashion and accessories.




The online showroom is targeted towards luxury multi-brand boutiques and concept stores and occasionally we broaden our appeal where we find brands with a unique offering.


We combine our advanced software platform with a package of services to profile and target the most appropriate wholesale buyers for the brands we represent.



Buyers benefit from a stream of curated information: and brands access a series of advanced marketing tools and programmes at a fraction of the cost of running them for themselves.