WILLIAM is a highly stylised accessories label created by designer William Ayers. When artist uses his own name as the name of his brand is usually a sign of a labour of love, and William is no exception.

Hand craftsmanship based on Florentine techniques and materials of the highest quality, combined in his downtown Los Angeles studio to create highly stylised pieces. William personally oversees every aspect of the creative process and acts as art director in the creation of stunning visuals which feature impeccably clad models against a range of geometric architectural backdrops from the City of Angels.

William the brand, clearly sees itself as part of an eco-system, as is reflected by the donation of a portion of the proceeds of every sale to the Institute of International Education, offering creative education for future generations.


"WILLIAM offers a new paradigm of creating luxury goods with true fine artists to create original fashion accessories... The desire for individual one of kind goods is on the rise globally, and we are targeting these emerging markets."

- Will Ayers